Rudraksha Therapy - By DharmaDeva

Chapter I

The power and effects of the Tears of Lord Siva have always been a solution to the pain and suffering the Mankind and Womankind may experience during uncertain times in their life.

Wearing the Sacred Rudraksha Beads brings one to a state of present moment living that most all Spiritual Teachings support. Wearing specific Mukhi Rudraksha or Rudraksa with a specific number of faces or lines as single beads or in recommended combinations create different positive changes in the wearers life.

Wearing specific Rudraksha in combination also pacifies all the 9 Planets 24 hours a day as the planets continue to shift their positions in the heavens.

This gives Vedic Jyotish Astrologers additional support methods for remedial and corrective measures to obstacles of pain and suffering so the wearer can experience Self Empowerment, and Fearless Life on the Path to Enlightenment.

For thousands of years the merits and powers of the Holy Rudraksha Beads have been recognized by Saints and Holy Men of India, Nepal and Tibet resulting in their documentation in the Shiva Purana, Padma Purana, SriMadDeviBhagavat, RudrakshaJabaloPanishad, AngniMahaPuranam and other inspired literature.

The ancient discipline of Rudraksha Therapy is as simple as it is complicated meaning it is complicated because the values and merits are listed in so many different books by different authors and simple because when a person sees the Knowledge in an organized manner in one place they pick it up immediately.

Traditionally the Vedic Knowledge of recommendation and application of Rudraksha and their appropriate Mantras has been the responsibility of the many Saints and Holy Men and Priests in the Temples and Forests of India, Nepal and Tibet.

Today there are many Rudraksha Therapy Facilities in India that recommend Rudraksha Beads by combining ancient Vedic Knowledge with modern scientific proof and confirmed experiences continually proving the effectiveness of wearing the Holy Rudraksha Bead.

Modern science has shown that the electromagnetic nature of Rudraksha Beads affect our Neurophysiology in a specific positive manner allowing control of heart beat, blood pressure, stress levels, hypertension and at the same time relieves anxiety, depression and neurotic conditions. Anti ageing properties have also been discovered based on the natural electromagnetism of Rudraksha Beads.

The intent and purpose of teaching the principals of Rudraksha Therapy from the Shiva Purana and other Holy Books and literature is to clarify the true nature of Rudraksha and to provide an introduction to the ancient discipline of Rudraksha Recommendation and Application for the good of all concerned.

Rudra Centre teaches this course with respect to the Highly Auspicious Compassionate Nature of Lord Shiva that removes pain and suffering. The Shiva Purana shows this Compassionate Nature in the origin and description of effects that the Holy Rudraksha have on the Mankind and the Womankind. We will always return to the Shiva Purana to clarify issues that are shown to be contradictory in some of the other Holy Literature that was written at different times in the history of India.

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